Last Update : [5 April, 2023]

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Public Accessible Communication

Please be advised that all payphones have been retired in Denmark. It is necessary for you to bring your own mobile phone(s).

Prepaid Cards

There are 2 options you can obtained without a Danish resident permit:

  • Lebara

  • Lycamobile

They can be purchased at Airport or Convenience Stores.

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Local Dialing Instruction

It's easy to dial phone numbers when using a local phone. You dial what you see. There aren't any long-distance prefixes or local access numbers before reaching any distance parties.
If you would like to dial an international call, the dialing prefix is 00.
If you are making calls through your roaming phone, remember to add the country code of Denmark (+45)

Emergency Number

  • Emergency: 112

  • Medical Assistance: 1813